Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Mourning is natural and normal.

Sometimes the intensity of our feelings, or the opposite – having a lack of emotions or feeling numb, may confuse or concern you. Loss, whether it is from the death of a person who touched your life, or the loss of a dream, a promotion, a relationship (romantic or otherwise), can raise questions within us about who we are, what holds meaning in our lives, and how we get through the world so that we can feel safe again. Mourning that loss can involve finding ourselves and our footing as we gather strength. Some of us may find ourselves in new roles with new responsibilities. These new paths in our lives can leave us feeling isolated and in need of support.

If your relationship was a difficult one, or the death was sudden, you may be coping with “unfinished business,” with guilt, or possibly other unresolved feelings.

The Upper Level can provide services of individual and group counseling to help support the mourner through the this often challenging transition. While the mourner may become isolated and feel estranged from others, The Upper Level offers connection with, and comfort from, other mourners who share a meaningful loss.

Individual Grief Counseling

Talking, one-on-one, in confidence, with a certified grief counselor about the nature and the meaning of your loss (and secondary losses like change in status, role, and financial situation) can assist you in processing the personal turmoil of grief.

Supportive Grief Groups

Sharing the inescapable pain of loss with a group of peers who have also experienced a significant death of a loved one validates your profound and unpredictable emotions, the enormity of the loss, and the monumental challenge of adjusting to life without your loved one’s presence. Ultimately, grief “work” in group can enable you to expand your capacity to experience joy and vitality.

Fee Schedule and Insurance

The Upper Level does not submit any bills through insurance companies. We strive to keep counseling costs reasonable. Our workshop, crisis intervention , individual session and group sessions are at industry average or below.

    • Individual Counseling and Therapy: $60/ 1 hour session
    • Groups: $25/ 2 hour group session (Please see the group session page for available sessions.)