The Upper Level

The Upper Level

Rev. Selene Kaye established The Upper Level in 2011 to support clients on an “inner journey” to discover and embrace their authentic “Self”. This journey empowers them to know and follow their “true” purpose, create more loving relationships, and realize more abundant health in every area of their life. This journey, alone, can provide  the love, the joy, and the peace that we each seek, and are entitled to, as unique expressions of the Divine.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to and be reminded that we are



and blessed by Divine Presence.

At The Upper Level we are ready to help you discover your power, potential and peace. Rev. Selene Kaye is available by appointment for that very purpose. Whether it be spiritual guidance, pastoral support or grief counseling we are here to help you walk through any life situation with the calm assurance that you are connected to an Infinite Source of goodness.

The Upper Level

Selene Kaye

5950 N Oak Trfwy, Suite 201, Gladstone, MO 64118